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‘Running Together’ is the title track taken from the current album ‘Running Together’ out now. You can purchase signed copies of the CD album direct from the Merchandise Shop. Click here

“Running Together” is the album’s title track
This is the second single taken from the album. Released on Limited Edition vinyl
This is an acoustic version of the song “So Undecided” as featured on the new album

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A message from Marty…………..


As most of you will know I have been writing songs since the 1950s and in between having my own hit records some of those songs became hits for other artists.

In the studio

Recording studios and theatres have been like second homes to me. I have always enjoyed the art of creativity, musicians, arrangers, engineers, and some fine producers, songwriting solo and with other exceptionally talented songsmiths, that creativity has never left my side.

My band The Wildcats and I included the song “Running Together” during concerts in 2019 and I am pleased to say that it proved so popular that I was inspired to write more material. My album has now been released on the Pushka label, it is the one I wanted to put together, reflecting on times over the last eight decades. The songs are varied, they speak (sing) of so many of my life’s inspirations. My daughters Kim Wilde and Roxanne Rizzo Wilde feature on the studio album, and as you can see they also took great delight in joining me digitally to add their sparkle to our ‘lockdown’ video.

LIFE CHANGES and changes again………….

We were all in the final stages of preparation for the album’s release when the world’s landscape was changed by the Covid-19 and it was generally felt that the timing may not have been right to go ahead with our plans. But we did and your response has been tremendous, it was great to make another return to the UK charts against so many odds. To bring some fresh, new music onto the platform. I even wrote and produced my first ever Christmas record, with my daughter Roxanne. We re-recorded a treatment of a track from the album “When There’s Loving (All Over The World)” as “Christmas All Over The World” and I wrote “Christmas Fantasia” which also featured my daughter Kim Wilde and my friend and one of the original Wildcats from the 1950s, Brian Bennett on drums. Brian of course went on to join The Shadows after his tenure with The Wildcats. This double A-sided single is available as a download, only a few promotional physical copies were made and were very quickly snapped up.

The sentiment of “Running Together” now seems to have been changed by the world’s circumstances. I think of my family and friends and of the many people who have followed me in my career over the years. Soon we can be Running Together again!

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“Running Together” is also available as a download single, this link will take you there

  Please enjoy the new music, it’s one way of answering your many requests, and it’s also my way of saying Thanks everyone!

Stay healthy. Marty


“RUNNING TOGETHER” recording project at Abbey Road Studios, London 2020

During a trip to the famous Abbey Road Studios in London to master my “Running Together” album, prior to the first lockdown, I was reminded of the days I recorded there with a host of wonderful musicians, technicians and with producers like Norman Newell and John Barry at the helm.

I wrote and recorded a song about Eddie Cochran in 2016 simply entitled “Eddie” which I started to perform on stage during a tour and I’m pleased to say because of the response it very quickly became a firm favourite that has been part of my stage repertoire ever since. The initial recording was included as part of an album (‘Dreamboats & Petticoats Presents the Very Best Of Marty Wilde”) which put me back into the UK Pop/Rock music charts (number 7 in 2019). I took the opportunity to do some more work on “Eddie”; for the Running Together ‘album version’ and it’s quite unique featuring a chat between Eddie and I in 1960 and I’m delighted with the outcome.

This is the first recording of the song. The full length version which includes a chat with Eddie Cochran and myself from 1960 is available on the album Running Together album

Many of you have asked about the BBC ‘ONE SHOW‘ Marty and his family appeared on. Here is the link to see it below.

There’ll be tears and sorrow for those we have sadly lost, there’ll be music, tremendous applause and ovations for those who have been our pillars of support, I send a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to those keeping our society moving under all kinds of circumstances, our frontline and key workers, with thoughts from my family to families everywhere – See you soon – Marty

Your responses to the YouTube slide show for “Lullaby” have been amazing, it’s for everyone. Another huge THANK YOU!

This is a re-recording made in 2016. It appears on “Songs For Your Children & Grandchildren” and “A Lifetime In Music” ( 4 CD Box Set)